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【Official Announcement: Finalists of Cartoon Artist -The 1st Cartoon Drawing and Design Competition

【Official Announcement: Finalists of Cartoon Artist -The 1st Cartoon Drawing and Design Competition】

We are delighted to announce the official results of "Cartoon Artist -The 1st Cartoon Drawing and Design Competition" organized by CCON. We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your patience while awaiting the announcement. Before the competition deadline, we received over a thousand entries, and thanks to all participants and their parents. We received numerous inquiries from parents eagerly anticipating their children's inclusion in the finalists.

The artistic skills and creative imagination displayed by all participants have been exceptional. It is truly astonishing to see how participants have transformed everyday objects into mystical creatures, portrayed superheroes with unique abilities saving citizens, and envisioned extraterrestrial beings residing on distant planets. The variety of adorable and whimsical designs has been truly awe-inspiring.

The judging criteria for the competition considered not only artistic proficiency but also the ability to effectively depict the distinctive characteristics of the characters and their stories, as well as the creativity behind the narratives.

Regardless of the outcome, every participant should take pride in their contribution. Your dedication and creativity will undoubtedly contribute to a more imaginative world. At CCON, we strive to provide a platform encouraging individuals from diverse backgrounds to showcase their talents and nurture their creativity. Thank you for being a part of this competition!

Based on the proportion of participants in each age group, 130 finalists have been selected (50 from the Primary Group, 60 from the Upper Primary Group, and 20 from the Kindergarten Group). Please visit the following link to view the list of finalists: or scan QRcode. Please do not be disheartened for those who did not make it to the finals. The list of finalists was limited to the top three in each category. All participants/schools can compete for additional awards, as indicated by the symbols provided. These additional awards have been designed to recognize and encourage the remarkable creativity and talent demonstrated throughout the competition.

Please note that CCON will be hosting an annual awards ceremony to celebrate the achievements of all participants. We will invite all participants to attend the event, where all awards will be presented. The ceremony promises to be memorable, featuring exciting programs such as announcing the Most Popular Award, lucky draws, fun activities, and a mini-market. The details of the awards ceremony will be announced later.

Once again, we sincerely appreciate all participants and their parents for their enthusiasm and support throughout the Cartoon Artist -The 1st Cartoon Drawing and Design Competition. Your participation has enriched the competition and showcased the immense talent within our community.

For further updates and information, please visit our official website at


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